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Safety & Risk

Sea kayaking and wilderness camping have inherent risks and can be dangerous. In Fiordland, they are characterised by: remoteness, rapidly changing and sometimes extreme weather and water conditions, cold water, limited kayaking landing sites and camping under forest canopy.

Detailed risk management and strict safety procedures are observed, however, there still remains an element of risk. Sea Sea Kayak Fiordland cannot absolutely guarantee participants safety. Sea Kayak Fiordland accepts its legal responsibilities but cannot be held responsible for personal injury or for loss, theft or damage of/to your equipment outside legal responsibilities. Participants will be required to sign a liability form to this effect before starting a tour.

Changing conditions can mean that tours have to be modified. No two tours are the same. It is very rare but weather could delay your scheduled return by up to 24 hours e.g. road closures or weather conditions preventing kayaking. Clients on guided tours must listen carefully to and follow guides’ instructions and adhere to safety requirements. Our reputation depends on your safety – we give it top priority and take it seriously.

Customer Comments

…some of the most spectacular and breathtaking scenery I have ever seen…an excellent guide with phenomenal knowledge of the area…FWE was utterly professional from start to finish – the organisation was superb, the equipment relatively new and in perfect working order and your safety procedures were extremely impressive.
James, UK
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